Thursday, March 16, 2006

Installing Windows XP or 2000

Here are some suggestions for installing windows XP/ 2000.

  • The first thing to notice is personally I install the operating system on one partition, while the applications and data on another partition.
  • create a small partition of about 8 GIGS (FAT32 is ideal if you want to recover from file curroption)
  • boot your computer from a floppy drive that will give you access to your CD ROM (see: for a bootdisk with cd-rom drivers)
  • create a folder on your c: drive called windowsxp
  • copy the entire windows installation CD over to the folder c:/windowsxp (the dos command to copy the files are: xcopy d:\ c:\windowsxp /s note: d:\ is your cd-rom drive)
  • once the files are copied, head over to the c:\windowsxp folder and find the i386 install folder and run winnt
  • follow the onscreen instructions to install windows xp or windows 2000


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