Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Microsoft's Free Spyware Protection Software: Windows Defender

Microsoft has come out with its Beta2 of its Spyware Removal tool, it has been renamed to Windows Defender (but its still free!).

What will this software do for me?

Windows Defender will find and remove spyware from your computer. The software constantly updates itself so it can combat the latest versions of the spyware, making your internet browsing that much safter.

Other benifits and improvements are:
  • new scanning engine
  • multiple language support
  • support for Windows XP Profoessional x64 Edition
  • spyware detection is quick and easy
  • easy to operate and remove infections on your computer
  • new virus threats are stopped quickly as everyone helps make this software more 'informed'
  • automatically stays up to date by automatically downloading updates of virus definitions to your computer

Click here to Download Windows Defender.


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